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A New Non-invasive Flood Control invention:
The RSA Bedload Sediment Harvester

USBR Sediment Removal

 @ 1:40 “we need better sediment removal technology,” Jennifer Bountry, supervisor Sedimentaion and River Hydraulics Group, USBR


  • Bedload sediment moves along the bottom of the water body by rolling, sliding, or bouncing.
  • Bedload sediment consists of larger particles such as gravel, pebbles, and larger sand grains that are transported along the bed of a river or stream.
  • The RSA Bedload Sediment Harvester is a non-invasive sediment capture and removal device reducing downstream build up of bedload sediment.
  • The device uses the natural river flow propelling the bedload into the device where it is collected and mechanically removed from the riverbed.
  • The RSA Bedload Sand Sediment Harvester does not dredge the riverbed.
  • The bedload can be sold.

Doug Shields, Ph.D. RSA Bedload Sediment Harvester - Abstract

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