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Rick Adler

Chief Executive Officer

Prolific inventor and avid entrepreneur, currently CEO of RSA Protective Technologies, a company at the forefront of critical facility protection industries for Climate Change Solutions and Perimeter Security.

RSA Protective Technologies, LLC has been involved with large scale Civil Infrastructure inventions for over twenty years solving problems of the Federal Government, the City of New York and Fortune 50 companies. These clients raised the challenge, funded, tested and implemented RSA designs. All of these devices eventually became factory supplied elements to be installed at their sites. RSA designers and engineers partner with the clients’ engineers to accommodate site conditions and finally with the client’s construction firms to ensure seamless, economical and timely installation. We start from the problem and move along with each step to its solution.

company profile

RSA Protective Technologies is at the forefront of the Perimeter Security Industry with customized package solutions for critical facility protection. Currently the U.S. design/manufacturing and installation leader in the Perimeter Security Industry and as a provider of physical barrier solutions of up to a K52 rating, RSA offers the only fixed, shallow foundation anti-ram bollards with up to a K12 rating. The unique design of these bollard pad systems, tested and certified by the US Department of State and US Department of Defense can result in up to 60% cost savings on installation.

RSA provides the highest-rated government tested perimeter security solutions available today-and is the only company on the Department of State List of Certified Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers that provides a fixed, shallow mount bollard system with a K4, K8 and K12 rating.

All RSA systems have been analyzed by experienced and reputable blast and structural engineers, most notably Karagozian & Case of Burbank, California. K&C is a co-designer of the RSA/K&C Anti-Ram Foundation Bollard Pad System.


  • December 11, 2012
    RSA in New York City
  • August 1, 2012
    RSA is Awarded a Second Approved Patent for its Shallow Mount Bollards
  • January 25, 2012
    A Truly Revolutionary Product – A Surface Mounted Bollard System – Providing full DOS K12 equivalent (ASTM M50 P1) Protection
  • November 10, 2010
    Access the Latest GSA Catalog
  • April 20, 2010
    Announcing U.S. Patent No. 7,699,558
  • January 20, 2010
    Marine West Expo, Camp Pendleton, California
  • October 20, 2009
    RSA’s Curb-It™Vehicle Barrier is Showcased in Commercial Building Products Magazine
  • September 1, 2009
    Introducing Curb-It™Vehicle Barrier, the Instant, One-Man Deployable Bollard Structure (With Video to Prove It!)
  • June 18, 2009
    RSA’s New Fast Assembly K4-Equivalent Surface Mount Bollards
  • April 15, 2008
    RSA Reaches the Zenith of the Gold Standard for Perimeter Security Protection: The DOS K12 Certified Shallow Mount Bollard Crash Test
  • February 29, 2008
    RSA is Going International!
  • January 14, 2008
    New RSA Brochures Available for Download
  • September 15, 2007
    Be Sure to Visit the RSA Booth #597 at ASIS International 2007
  • January 14, 2007
    RSA Achieves the Highest Possible Crash Rating from the U.S Government: K12
  • January 12, 2007
    RSA Shallow Mount Removable Pad Innovation is Certified by DOS
  • September 14, 2006
    RSA Once Again to be an Exhibitor in the ASIS International 2006
  • July 26, 2006
    RSA to Place One Thousand Bollards in Manhattan and Newark Throughout 2006
  • July 24, 2006
    Are You Using an Authentic DOS-Rated Perimeter Security Product?
  • April 15, 2006
    RSA Remains the Sole Manufacturer of Certified Shallow Mount Fixed Bollards
  • March 22, 2006
    RSA Listed on USACE Website
  • March 1, 2006
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lockheed Martin Adds Building Perimeter Physical Security Manufacturer RSA Protective Technologies, LLC. to GSA Schedule
  • February 14, 2006
    RSA Passed the Test!
  • January 30, 2006
    RSA Protective Technologies Stars in Washington Post
  • January 20, 2006
    RSA Products Showcased in Urban Planning Guide
  • November 10, 2005
    Recent RSA Sales and Installation Activities
  • August 8, 2005
    RSA to be Exhibitor at ASIS International
  • August 5, 2005
    New York City Installation of Shallow Mount Bollards
  • August 1, 2005
    The Ultra Shallow Foundation Bollard Pad Receives a K8 Rating
  • August 1, 2005
    Come see RSA at the ISC East Convention
  • July 1, 2005
    Videos of Recent K4 and K8 Crash Tests Now Online
  • June 1, 2005
    RSA’s Shallow Mount Bollard Pad at a 12″ Depth Receives a K8 Rating
  • June 1, 2005
    RSA’s Shallow Mount Bollard Pad Passes another K4 Test
  • May 20, 2005
    RSA Director, Corporate and Military Accounts in GSN Magazine’s lead story
  • May 10, 2005
    Paul DeMatteis joins RSA Protective Technologies
  • April 2005
    DOS Certified Perimeter Protection