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Retractable concrete floodwall systems

Extended long lengths (miles) of fixed flood walls or levees protect society or the environment against flooding. For vehicle access to the land an opening in the line is required. The openings must also be flood sealed to maintain a continuous flood wall line. Currently this is done with large rolling or hinged gates that are manually operated closed and then after the event manually reopened. As required in the maintenance schedule this time-consuming action must happen on each threat of flooding. This is expensive and takes valuable time away from other flood abatement operations personnel need to work at. The RSA Automated Remote Controlled Retractable Floodwall System seals and then reopens the opening in minutes.

A “packaged” scalable system ranging from 3’ to 15’ height protection x 15’ wide sections (any length) has been designed. This is either a retrofit or OEM structure performing as an automated Large Scale Flood Control Road Closure.

The RSA Retractable Concrete Floodwall Systems are designed to protect property in a straight line or ringing particular facilities such as below ground garage entrances or critical facilities like a hospital from flood damage.

The RSA Retractable Concrete Floodwall System is an automatic underground floodwall system that can be activated at the site or remotely via a secure system in less than 1 minute. It has been designed against up to a Category 5 land falling hurricane. Numerous applications for the system include protection in a straight line or ringing an entire facility such as a hospital, apartment complex, levee extensions or below ground garage entrances against flooding. The system utilizes small hp motors to lift the system to its full height–ranging from 3 to 20 feet–in less than 1 minute.

Applications for Retractable Floodwalls


harbor gate





Weir Wall/Detention Basin Flood Control System™

the most effective, least expensive large-scale flood control invention for riverine flooding

The RSA Weir Wall/Detention Basin™ and the RSA Weir Wall/Open Field Flood Control Systems™ act as relief valves for rivers, streams and bayous, draining upstream water to prevent downstream flooding.