Retractable concrete floodwall systems

The RSA Retractable Concrete Floodwall Systems are designed to protect property in a straight line or ringing particular facilities such as below ground garage entrances or critical facilities like a hospital from flood damage.

The RSA Retractable Concrete Floodwall System is an automatic underground floodwall system that can be activated at the site or remotely via a secure system in less than 1 minute. It has been designed against up to a Category 5 land falling hurricane. Numerous applications for the system include protection in a straight line or ringing an entire facility such as a hospital, apartment complex, levee extensions or below ground garage entrances against flooding. The system utilizes small hp motors to lift the system to its full height–ranging from 3 to 20 feet–in less than 1 minute.

Applications for Retractable Floodwalls


harbor gate





Weir Wall/Detention Basin Flood Control System™

the most effective, least expensive large-scale flood control invention for riverine flooding

The RSA Weir Wall/Detention Basin™ and the RSA Weir Wall/Open Field Flood Control Systems™ act as relief valves for rivers, streams and bayous, draining upstream water to prevent downstream flooding.