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World’s First Patented Flood Control Panel

RSA has been awarded the world’s first patent for flood control panels. Designed, developed and manufactured by Rick Adler of RSA, the panels are custom designed for clients such as New York City’s MTA.  The patented panel is a relatively lightweight aluminum structure that is fit around a sidewalk vent grate that has integral hooks […]

RSA’s Movable Barrier Floodwall System™


Application for Municipalities, States, Federal Projects, Levees, Shorelines, Private Facilities, Private Housing, Community Flood Shelters The MOVABLE BARRIER FLOODWALL SYSTEM™ (MBFS) is a custom designed series of concrete floodwalls placed underground inside a trenched concrete U channel. A variety of powered systems raises the floodwall above grade to prevent flooding. After the flood the flood […]

Sales Position for Novel Floodwall

RSA SalesPosition Novel Floodwall

Your task is to sell our new Surface Mounted Fixed Floodwall System to all facilities who utilize underground piping close to the surface. For example waste water and clean water treatment facilities, refineries and other industrial plants. Weekly stipend and sales commissions negotiable. 10 years of successful infrastructure sales required. Can be part time if […]