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Stormwater 1

RSA Floodwall System in the News

Click the link to open a copy of Stormwater News about their coverage of the RSA Floodwall System

House Rising Flood Wall D


Application for Municipalities, States, Federal Projects, Levees, Shorelines, Private Facilities, Private Housing, Community Flood Shelters The MOVABLE BARRIER FLOODWALL SYSTEM™ (MBFS) is a custom designed series of concrete floodwalls placed underground inside a trenched concrete U channel. A variety of powered systems raises the floodwall above grade to prevent flooding. After the flood the flood walls are lowered back underground …

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World’s First Patented Flood Control Panel

RSA has been awarded the world’s first patent for flood control panels. Designed, developed and manufactured by Rick Adler of RSA, the panels are custom designed for clients such as New York City’s MTA. Download the patent document here US 9,267,252 B1 The patented panel is a relatively lightweight aluminum structure that is fit around a sidewalk vent grate that has …

RSA Resin Skimmer On Vimeo

See RSA’s Skimmer in Action

RSA commissions world’s first four sided resin skimmer for largest petro-chemical plant in the Middle East. Watch the most recent test video here demonstrating the Skimmer’s capabilities: RSA Resin Skimmer from RSA Protective Technologies on Vimeo. Read here for more information on the RSA Skimmer.

United Nations 2015 1 F

RSA Protects the United Nations Building

As the world’s leading inventors and manufacturers of Department of State rated Shallow Mount Bollards, RSA’s products provide permanent perimeter protection for some of the world’s most iconic facilities – from the United Nations building in New York, US Embassies in various countries, Corporate Headquarters, airports, courthouses, and so forth. We are very proud to announce RSA was chosen to …