Floodwall Systems

The RSA Surface Mount Flood Wall System is designed to protect property from flood damage, using protective barrier walls that are located as a perimeter protection. The system is surface mounted requiring minimal excavation, protecting underground utilities. The height of the wall can vary with the local topography height or be sized to FEMA flood elevations.


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Weir Wall/Detention Basin Flood Control System™

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Movable Barrier Floodwall Systems

The RSA Movable Barrier Floodwall System is designed to protect property in a straight line or ringing particular facilities such as below ground garage entrances or critical facilities like a hospital from flood damage.

Movable Barrier Floodwall System provides instant flood protection.

The RSA Movable Barrier Floodwall System is an automatic underground floodwall system that can be activated at the site or remotely via a secure system in less than 1 minute. It has been designed against up to a Category 5 land falling hurricane. Numerous applications for the system include protection in a straight line or ringing an entire facility such as a hospital, apartment complex, levee extensions or below ground garage entrances against flooding. The system utilizes small hp motors to lift the system to its full height–ranging from 3 to 20 feet–in less than 1 minute.

Work with RSA Engineers to configure your flood control needs.

The economical, durable and scalable RSA System paired with local decision-making and construction offers coastal and riverine communities a better way to respond to increasing environmental threats.
Community groups along with the local regulators, concrete pre-casters, geo-technical, civil engineers and construction firms can decide where and how much permanent flood protection they need. The newly revised FEMA Flood Zone Hazard maps will indicate the necessary height for the walls. As scientists foresee higher water levels,due to global warming, the RSA System’s reliance on pre-cast concrete offers economical scalability. Since pre-cast concrete makes up about 95% of the invention, it does not significantly increase the overall system cost of a 4’ wall compared to a 12’ wall. RSA would supply the required mechanical elements from our factories to be assembled as a “kit of parts” close to the site and into the pre-cast concrete. The final design steps are simple excavation and the means to easily deal with utilities through the system to produce the required flood protection.

Protect your community or specific facilities with patent-pending Movable Barrier Floodwall Systems!

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