RSA/replogle automated irrigation system
allows monitored equitable Sharing of Surface Water

Dwindling California snowpacks portend another dry season with shrinking water supplies with drought conditions continuing through a third year. Irrigation water allocations are reduced by the Federal Government. How will farmers grow their crops? How will other water users, such as environmental, urban and factories, satisfy their water needs? RSA has a SOLUTION: Share the water.

RSA, with Dr. John Replogle, has invented and patented, designed, produced, installed and calibrated in live farms a relatively inexpensive automated water metering system.  The system accurately measures water flow into agricultural fields to +/- 3% accuracy. Irrigation water usage or Farm Turnout Allowances (FTA) are provided each year to over one hundred thousand farm fields in California.  These farm turn-outs, constructed over one hundred years ago have no meters and rely on estimates of volumes of water to irrigate their fields. As a buffer, farmers typically order more water than they need. The RSA/Replogle Automated Farm Irrigation System brings precision to water requirements and metering allowing the “new-found extra” water to be shared with others.

80% of surface water in California is used by for agriculture.

“Western megadrought is worst in 1,200 years, intensified by climate change, study finds.”
(Latest IPCC Climate Report)

automated irrigation with +/- 3% accuracy, minimizing waste

more documents for the new automated Irrigation system

Irrigation Flow Measurement
with a new metering pipe system
weed resistent
propeller-meter system
RSA Patent for Metering Pipe

Fill-in Form for Each Turn-out
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