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Flood Control

RSA, floodwall

Movable Barrier Flood Wall System

The RSA Movable Barrier Flood Wall System is designed to protect property in a straight line or ringing particular facilities such as below ground garage entrances or critical facilities like a hospital from flood damage.

A14 E1404179365893

U.S. Patent / Client: NYC MTA

Patented Removable Sidewalk Vent Covers

RSA has received the world's first patent on flood control panels for vents. RSA’s invention quickly covers ventilation shafts providing flood control for basements and vaults. Installation of 5 units in 18 minutes.

FC 2

Client: NYC MTA

Subway Stairwell Covers

RSA's invention custom fits subway stairwell entrances. Tested to be installed in 20 minutes, providing flood control for subway stations.

FC 3 New

Client: NYC EDC

Removable Siphon Tunnel Plug

RSA's invention designed to seal the Station Island Siphon Tunnel in under four hours to prevent tunnel from flooding during another hurricane.

FC 4 New1

Removable Hurricane Flood Walls

RSA and Mueser Rutledge designs removable hurricane floodwall systems. Currently the world's only hurricane rated removable floodwall system.