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Surface Mount Bollards Documents

RSA/K&C K12 Surface Mount Bollard System - World's First!

US Patent Applied For, Received and Currently Being Processed!
A Unique System

This easy to assemble system does not require or use any physical connection to the ground, any field welding or any special bolting. It fully assembles with one fork lift truck and a two person crew in less than two hours. All fabricated items are connected as a monolithic structure by simply dropping them down over each other. To disengage the system, simply lift them up and place them on the same single flatbed truck to be deployed elsewhere or stored.

Crash Test Results:

With this new product, RSA passed its ninth consecutive Counter-Terrorist physical security test. The field crash test was held at Karco Engineering in Adelanto, California on January 18, 2012 and was conducted by the Federal Government’s rapid deployment arm for testing physical security products. The results were impressive – a 15,000lbs truck traveling at 50mph struck one of the twelve surface mounted bollards and the bed penetrated less than 1 meter earning RSA the ASTM’s M50 P1 certification.


The RSA/K&C K12 Surface Mount Bollard system offers many advantages for our clients beyond stopping large vehicles at high speeds. As the world’s leading inventors of Shallow Mount Bollards, RSA’s products provide permanent perimeter protection for some of the world’s most iconic facilities – The UN, US Embassies, Corporate HQs, airports, courthouses, sporting arenas, etc. Now the new Surface Mount solution offers full K12/ASTM M50 P1 where temporary perimeter protection is required. Security applications include political events, visits from foreign dignitaries, protest marches, an overt terrorist threat, large scale sporting events, New Year’s Eve celebrations, parades, running events, street fairs, etc.

Economy and Flexibility

RSA is often called in early on important perimeter protection projects to help clients maximize the effective use our permanent perimeter solutions. We work with clients and their many professional technical representatives as well as Federal and Local regulators. For permanent perimeter security solutions the process may require two or three years with hundreds of engineering hours billed costing the client hundreds of thousands of dollars. The process requires costly permits, lengthy street closures, expensive excavation and removal of the spoils ending with the permanent installation. But sometimes only temporary perimeter protection is actually needed. The portable RSA/K&C K12 Surface Mount Bollard system requires only a temporary permit yet offers the same level of anti-ram protection as the above multi-year exercise in just a few hours.

Provides REAL Protection

Current K-Rails and Jersey Barriers DON’T WORK as anti-ram devices, but the “new New Jersey Barrier” is here!

Immediately after 9/11, chaos ensued as security experts used the only large, heavy item that was available in quantity to produce stand-off in front of their buildings – K-rails. However, all engineers, security personnel and asset owners know the K-rail was designed to work in parallel with the flow of traffic. When turned 90 degrees they offer only a cosmetic level of protection. The Department of State has extensively tested K-rails only at the basic K4 level - yet each test failed. Despite their test failures K-rails are currently being used to “protect” many important assets. The RSA/K&C K12 Surface Mount Bollard was actually invented in response to a DHS request to RSA. This product is now designed, tested, deployed and available.

Our first significant sale was to the Department of State’s Overseas Building Operations (OBO) for their fly-away kit program. There they are to be instantly deployed anywhere in the world where a State Department facility is threatened.

RSA is proud to add this product to our extensive line of Counter-terrorist solutions which includes our 1,000lbs. TNT blast wall, 65,000lbs. anti-ram wall and six DOS/DOD Certified shallow mount bollards (two at K4, two at K8 and two at K12).