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Adler Anti-Ram Wall Products

Adler Anti-Ram Wall Components

The Adler Anti-Ram Wall patent-pending modular design, construction and turnkey installation provides a positive physical security and force protection device for a large vehicle strike that can be rapidly deployed, removed and reused, and applied to most environments and site conditions.

The Adler Anti-Ram Wall is the highest rated crash wall tested by the U.S. Government (Department of Energy). The K52 rating earned in this test (65,000 lb. gross vehicle weight at 51.4mph) indicates that the Adler Anti-Ram Wall System has more than four times the stopping power of DOS K12 rated systems.

Adler Anti-Ram Wall Components

KI 2 is currently the highest crash rating offered by the Dog. RSA offers this system at about the same installed costs as K 12 bollards.

The Adler Anti-Ram Wall System provides maximum force protection with minimal foundation requirements as the surface mounted concrete filled panel segments may be up to 50 feet in length.

The RSA Protective Technologies has transformed facility force protection requirements into turnkey Perimeter Security Solutions: (spell out procedure from start to finish)

Adler Anti-Ram Wall Aesthetics

•Facility and perimeter security risk assessment

•Engineering site analyses of conditions, materials and soil composition

•Seamless architectural design integration and building aesthetics

•Design drawings, specifications and cost estimates for materials and installation

•Complete custom manufacturing of units, delivered to the site ready for instant installation

•Installation oversight and inspection

Adler Anti-Ram Wall Articulating Walls

Adler Anti-Ram Wall Testing